The James Smith Company

September 3, 2010

A leader in the real estate investment industry, James Smith provides clients with a wide array of wealth-building tools through the James Smith Company, an organization he founded in 2008. Widely recognized for the nationwide seminars that he regularly conducts, James Smith created an innovative approach to investing that thousands have utilized to establish a solid financial future. Under the auspice of the James Smith Company, James Smith leads a five-day group training event known as M5, recruiting highly regarded business and investment professionals to discuss such topics as creative financing, retirement planning, and asset protection. Many of the speakers at James Smith’s M5 conferences are former students who attained their wealth-building goals under his guidance. Individuals who participate in James Smith’s M5 seminars gain access to valuable networking opportunities such as the “James Smith Roundtable.” Here, James Smith and his fellow experts facilitate an in-depth discussion of relevant topics. The James Smith Roundtable culminates in a question-and-answer session, which participants can utilize to refine their own investment techniques. James Smith and a small team of his most successful trainers work hand-in-hand with students through the James Smith Group Mentorship. The mentorship is small, personal, and effective at showing people the exact strategies to follow on specific properties in which they are interested. In addition to the M5 seminars, James Smith also leads a three-day Financial Success Summit, an event designed to equip participants with the fiscal knowledge and tools necessary to achieve financial freedom. During the summit, James Smith discusses topics such as protecting assets from lawsuits, investing with a 401(k) or IRA, trading stocks and currency markets, cutting tax payouts, and obtaining grants to fund a new business or charity. Boasting over four decades of investment experience, James Smith is dedicated to assisting others in realizing their financial dreams.